YOLObot Data Labeling

Fast, flexible data labeling service using the scale of the App Store. Self-serve dataset upload features, and API based access coming soon. We provide a range of options for your data labeling and annotation needs, please reach out to us with custom requirements.

How is YOLObot different?

Mobile-first data labeling, working with some of the most skilled labelers in the world : mobile gamers. We follow the recent guidelines and API of Google's new labeling and annotation service, and the AWS Mechanical Turk flow for crowdsourcing workers, but add a game mechanic to award points to more skillful labelers. Plus, potentially, we make it fun to reward good labeling.

Because we are iOS based, we do offer users the ability to perform inline tests of their CoreML models. Currently, this service is in beta and not automated, but we hope to make this generally available for an additional fee.